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The death of a fandom. . . always sad.

So I am little sad today, one of my favorite AU fandom sites went down this week. The only real reason it's a shock is because I have been going back and rereading a lot of the stories lately and I have been re-enamored with the author's characters.  She was a master with balance in all things-- Canon and Fanon, mixing fandoms, and adding intriguing original characters that were never fucking sues and stues.

I am really glad that I yoinked copies of my most favorite of her stories to my desktop ages ago—I have lost too many of my most memorable fanfiction moments to the death of websites over the years that I tend to squirrel away what I can for my own personal enjoyment.

 But Susan, I want you to know, that this site was active way after the death of the series and general fandom. . . and I have checked it regularly for over eight years.

I will miss you and Jim and Blair and Hunter and Sarah. . . a lot.

You kept this fandom alive for me. And I am sad that you are gone. I hope that you are writing in far greener pastures and I thank you for your writing.

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